Word Press Design

Word Press Website Design

Much more robust than RVsitebuilder, Word Press is the premier website design software in the world today. It's not complex, it's all point and click,  but can be confusing for some. However we have taken the complexity out of Word Press by filtering through the thousands of plugin tools available and only setting up the tools you need to design and/or maintain your website.

Word Press is installed on our website server for your websites domain; there is nothing for you to install.

We will install Word Press for you and setup the most powerful and easiest to use plugins (tools) and themes (designs) we know of for Word Press Website Design, Blog Design, and Shopping Cart Design.

You will then be able to easily design and maintain a website that is beautiful and preferred by google. Because Word Press has standard framework under which every template is laid out, google can easily index your website thus giving you the best search rank possible. Google prefers Word Press over any other framework.

Word Press Website Design

With Word Press You can easily connect to paypal , stripe or other payment gateways, add products (digital or physical), manage inventory and even provide coupons to customers via the woo-commerce shopping cart. 

Word Press is fully optimized for all machines such as tablets, phones and PCs so you website will look great on every platform.

WordPress Facts

  1. 74 Million Websites run on WordPress
  2. 22% of New U.S. Registered Domains Run on WordPress
  3. Huge Corporations such as below use WordPress
  4. 40% of blogs use WordPress.

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